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About the photo (above):
Various divers on the deck of the dive boat Southwind of Osprey Charters in Lake Erie during a July 7, 2001, dive. Suited up in the foreground is Georgann Wachter. Gary Humel is facing the camera behind her, and Captain Jim Herbert stands facing the camera in the middle of the picture. Photo by Greg Ondus.

Cozumel, Mexico
December 11-18, 2011

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Pinatas   Pinatas created at the cultural and community center in San Miguel.  They were seen Wednesday night while Kevin and Cindy were there to watch a German foreign film with local resident Sheila McIntyre, who used to live in Cleveland, Ohio.  (Photo by Cindy LaRosa)
Taco Stand   A local taco stand in the back streets of San Miguel with excellent food.  Cindy and Kevin ate there with Sheila McIntyre after watching the foreign film at the cultural center.  Cindy first thought it was gyro stand due to the spits of meat prominent near the sidewalk.  (Photo by Cindy LaRosa)
Mutton Snapper   An iridescent mutton snapper is seen at Palancar Caverns during the first dive on Thursday, Dec. 15.  (Photo by Cindy LaRosa)
Bristleworm   A colorful bristleworm crawls across some coral.  Bristleworms are poisonous and will sting divers' hands, so they should not be handled or touched.  (Photo by Cindy LaRosa)
Hermit Crab   A red hermit crab with striking blue eyes is seen crawling along the bottom at Palancar Caverns.  (Photo by Cindy LaRosa)
Brain Coral   Kevin Magee swims near a large outcropping of brain coral.  No, it will not attack.  Yes, people have asked that question.  (Photo by Cindy LaRosa)
Divemaster Juan   Pappa Hog's divemaster Juan signals it is time to end the dive over the sand flats behind Palancar Caverns.  Juan was our divemaster for the entire week and was an outstanding guide.  It has been said he is the best divemaster on the island, and he made the vacation enjoyable both in and out of the water.  In fact, everyone at Papa Hog's dive operation was excellent, friendly, and outstanding.  (Photo by Cindy LaRosa)
Divers Boarding Boat   Divers preparing to board the boat after the dive.  The boats were small 6-packs with a side ladder.  The strong sideways current always made holding onto the boat important.  (Photo by Cindy LaRosa)
Dead Stingray   This dead southern stingray was found on the second dive at El Cedral Platform.  It had been shot with a spear.  There were reports of stingrays being found without their fins, suggesting sharkfin fishing is sadly occurring on the reef.  (Photo by Cindy LaRosa)
Yellowfin Grouper   A nice-sized yellowfin grouper swims past.  (Photo by Cindy LaRosa)
Whitespotted Filefish   Several large whitespotted filefish were seen.  They were friendly and easy to approach.  (Photo by Cindy LaRosa)
Sergeant Major   Sergeant majors are common, colorful, and often seen swimming in loose groups in open water above the reef.  They are friendly and easily approached.  (Photo by Cindy LaRosa)
Bluestriped Grunt   A school of bluestriped grunts catches the light at El Cedral Shallows during the second dive.  (Photo by Cindy LaRosa)
White Grunt   A white grunt stands out by itself with a school of French grunts in the background.  (Photo by Cindy LaRosa)
Spiny Lobster   A spiny lobster peeks out from its hiding spot on the reef.  (Photo by Cindy LaRosa)
Green Moray Eel   It is rare to see a moray eel out swimming in the open water during the day. This large green moray eel was swimming against the current down the length of the reef and swam right between Cindy's legs.  Cindy was looking the other way and was taken by surprise.  However, she still managed to get this picture.  (Photo by Cindy LaRosa)
Gray Angelfish   This pair of gray angelfish crusies along El Cedral Shallows.  (Photo by Cindy LaRosa)
Queen Triggerfish   A beautifully marked queen triggerfish swims past.  (Photo by Cindy LaRosa)
Splendid Toadfish   Divemaster Juan found this splendid toadfish in its hole at El Cedral Shallows.  This species is unique to Cozumel and is found nowhere else.  (Photo by Cindy LaRosa)
Splendid Toadfish   A closeup of the splendid toadfish.  It is truly a face only a mother could love.  (Photo by Cindy LaRosa)

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NOTE: All photos are not to be used without permission. Thank you.