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About the photo (above):
Kevin Magee discusses his thoughts after a dive on the Arches. This arched wood steamer is suspected to be the Oneida, which sank during an 1852 storm in 150' of water in Lake Erie. It is located off Long Point, Ontario, and was an Osprey Charters trip on June 8, 2003. Photo by Greg Ondus.

If you have any questions about diving, Great Lakes shipwrecks, or other topics, you can contact Kevin at the following email address:


Kevin is also available for lectures on shipwrecks and other topics. Some of the lectures given in the past include the following:

  • Shipwrecks of Cleveland
  • The Cortland Found (CLUE presentation)
  • The Anthony Wayne (CLUE presentation)
  • Tragic Liner: Titanic
  • 19th-Century Sailing Vessel Ship Parts
  • Two New Shipwrecks: Schooner G and the George J. Whelan
  • The Application of Technical Diving Lessons to Recreational Diving
  • Solar and Extra-Solar Planets: What Are They?

Contact Kevin for information on these or other desired topics.