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About the photo (above):
Vlada Dekina is captured by fellow underwater photographer Tom Wilson on the stern of Brigentine C / Schooner C, an unknown wreck in 110' (34 m) of water in Lake Erie. This photo was taken during a special Osprey Charters trip to investigate this wreck on July 23, 2005.

The following sketches and sidescan images will hopefully explain these particular wreck sites better.   Although this is a small section, I hope to grow it over time.
Click on images below to view larger versions.

117th Street Tug        
117th Street Tug Sidescan        
Anthony Wayne        
Anthony Wayne Sidescan   Anthony Wayne Layout   Anthony Wayne Measurements
Barge F        
Barge F Measurements        
Buried Schooner        
Buried Schooner Sidescan   Buried Schooner Sketch    
Buried Tug        
Buried Tug Sidescan   Buried Tug Sidescan Details   Buried Tug Stern Photos
Buried Tug Bow Photos        
Civil War Wreck        
Civil War Wreck Sketch   Civil War Dagger Board    
Cortland Sidescan   Cortland Bow Sidescan   Cortland Bow Sketch
Cortland Stern Sidescan   Cortland Stern Sketch    
The Craftsman        
Craftsman Sidescan        
Crib Wreckage        
Crib Wreckage Sidescan   Crib Wreckage Sidescan   Crib Wreckage Sidescan
CSU Wreck        
CSU Wreck Sidescan        
Dump Barge        
Dump Barge Sidescan 1   Dump Barge Sidescan 2   Dump Barge Sidescan 3
Dump Barge Sketch        
Dundee Sidescan        
East Breakwall Barge        
East Breakwall Barge Sidescan   East Breakwall Barge Sketch   East Breakwall Barge Structure
East Breakwall Barge Structure   East Breakwall Barge Bow   East Breakwall Barge Slot
Howard S. Gerken        
Howard Gerken Sketch        
Ivanhoe Sidescan 1   Ivanhoe Sidescan 2   Ivanhoe Sidescan 3
Riverside Measurements   Riverside Sidescan    
Sailing Vessel / Albion        
Sailing Vessel Albion Sketch        
Schooner G        
Schooner G Sketch        
Sultan Sketch   Sultan Sidescan 1   Sultan Sidescan 2

NOTE: All sketches and sidescan images are not to be used without permission. Thank you.