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About the photo (above):
Kevin Magee (left) and Cindy LaRosa (right) on the dive boat W.A. Spears of G+S Charters in Tobermory, Ontario. This was a Bay Area Divers (BAD) and Lake Erie Wreck Divers (LEWD) trip to the Georgian Bay of Lake Huron on September 18-19, 2004. Photo by Greg Ondus.

As you've guessed, I have a passion for scuba diving and Great Lakes shipwrecks. However, a little more information about me seems to be in order.

I live on the west side of Cleveland, Ohio, USA, and work as a mechanical engineer for ZIN Technologies, Inc., an engineering services contractor that mainly serves NASA Glenn Research Center. My work involves the development of space experiments, including their design, fabrication, assembly, testing, and flight operations. These experiments investigate the fundamental physics and behavior of combustion and fluids in microgravity. I have worked on projects that have flown on the Space Shuttle, International Space Station, sounding rockets, drop towers, and parabolic aircraft.

Below are more details for those who are interested.

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