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About the photo (above):
A two-sheave block lies on the deck of the Crystal Wreck. The Crystal is an unknown two-masted schooner that sank in 115' (35 m) of water off Long Point, Ontario, in Lake Erie. Miscellaneous iron parts surround the block on the deck. Photo taken in 2004 by Ann Stephenson.

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Miscellaneous Links

Bikini Atoll Diving
Every wreck diver's dream destination.

F.T. Barney and Windiate Video
Excellent video of two schooners in Lake Huron by the 'Scuba Guys' Brandon Schwartz and Scot Wernette.

Patrix Heschel
Dive instructor who teaches in many local Michigan and Ohio dive shops.

Gary Gentile Productions
Well known author, diver, and photographer who has dove all over the world, including the Great Lakes.

Great Lakes Shipwrecks: a Photographic Odyssey
Book of Great Lakes shipwreck photographs by Gary Gentile. One of the best books I've seen!

Hamilton and Scourge
Two of the best shipwrecks in the Great Lakes that no one will ever be allowed to dive. They are War of 1812 wrecks.

Denis Sullivan
My favorite Great Lakes tall ship, a 3-masted schooner.

Shipwreck World – Great Lakes
A sampling of some Great Lakes shipwrecks.

Great Lakes Underwater
Shipwreck pictures and scuba stories off the Michigan shoreline.

Erie Wrecks
Popular Lake Erie shipwreck diving guidebooks by Georgann and Mike Wachter.

Lake Erie Shipwreck Index
A useful listing of Lake Erie shipwrecks.

Long Point Shipwrecks
Information on Lake Erie shipwrecks around Long Point, Ontario.

Maine’s Last Big Schooners
Web site showing the remains of the last big ocean schooners off the state of Maine.

Lake Vision
Allows web cam views, marine forecasts, and buoy reports to be obtained for the Great Lakes.

NOAA Satellite Views
A useful site that allows almost real-time NOAA satellite views of the Great Lakes silt patterns and ice coverage.

NOAA Great Lakes Bathymetry
NOAA underwater mapping of the Great Lakes.

NOAA Great Lakes Coast Watch
A valuable resource of all NOAA environmental data for the Great Lakes.

The NOAA underwater research habitat in the Florida Keys.

Museum of Underwater Archaeology (MUA)
Web site created for underwater archaeologists to present their research to the general public.

The Deco Stop (TDS)
Foremost technical diving discussion board.

Divers Alert Network (DAN)
A divers' research and insurance organization. All divers should be members!

A fascinating exploration group in the Seattle, WA, area.

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