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About the photo (above):
Kevin Magee (left) and Cindy LaRosa (right) on the dive boat W.A. Spears of G+S Charters in Tobermory, Ontario. This was a Bay Area Divers (BAD) and Lake Erie Wreck Divers (LEWD) trip to the Georgian Bay of Lake Huron on September 18-19, 2004. Photo by Greg Ondus.

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Cindy's Page

This web site would not exist without my girlfriend Cindy, who originally bought it through our friend Carmen Alcorn as a Christmas / birthday gift and encouraged me to set it up. So, thanks, Cindy! She is also a diver who has been diving the Great Lakes longer than I have. This spot is reserved for her to put up anything she wants.

Cindy on the surface

About the photo:  Cindy LaRosa on the surface after another Great Lakes wreck dive. This was a Lake Erie Wreck Divers (LEWD) and AquaMasters trip aboard Osprey Charters in the eastern basin of Lake Erie on July 10-11, 2004. Photo by Greg Ondus.

 Diving History  |  Education & Work Experience  |  Hobbies & Interests  |  Cindy's Page